FAQs & Tips

1) What about lunch & drinks? Please bring your own lunch. I do have water and typical soft drinks on board, along with ice. Please feel free to bring your own special can or plastic bottle beverages if desired (lemonade, tea, Gatorade, etc.).Child Stand Up Battle

2) Am I allowed to bring beer on board? Yes, in CANS only! Please know that a few “cold ones” during the day for your charter crew is okay. However, heavy drinking will not be allowed. Everyone’s safety on board is the Capt’s main priority from departure to return.

3) What about fishing gear? Offshore rods and reels are provided, along with multiple saltwater bait casting and spinning reel outfits. If you have a favorite rod/reel combo you like to use, please feel free to bring it. However, Fresh & Salt Charters will not be responsible for any breakage of personal fishing gear brought on board.

4) What happens if someone in my group becomes seasick? There is always the possibility of sea sickness. To minimize the chance of this, I suggest purchasing sea sickness medicine and following the recommended doses for motion sickness prior to departure. There are also wristbands and patches available to help prevent being sea sick. ** A good night’s rest prior to going offshore is recommended.

5) Is it possible to stop fishing for a period of time and go swimming or snorkeling while offshore? Sorry, jumping in the ocean offshore is not permitted.

6) What is the policy for cancellations and/or refunds? Cancellations need to be made a minimum of one week prior to the booked fishing day. In the unlikely event of foul weather/high winds, it will be the Capt’s discretion to cancel the day’s trip. A full refund will be given, or your choice to re-book for a future trip. It may even be possible to substitute a freshwater guide trip if the seas are unfavorable. Please ask the Capt.

7) Where do we park and depart? Our point of departure is Inlet Station Marina – Fuel Dock. 227 Mediterranean Ave., Virginia Beach, VA. Please park in the parking lot for Rudee’s Restaurant.


1) Please be certain to bring along sunscreen, sunglasses, a camera, and a packed rain suit in the event of a rainstorm.

2) A good night’s rest prior to the 5 am departure is ALWAYS recommended to prevent sea sickness. 

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